I joined SpaceAge in Feb 1997. I have a Masters Degree in Computer Applications. In my University I was a Gold Medallist. My record in the University has not been broken till date. After MS, I worked at TCS in India. I was working in VB and Oracle. I knew there was no future in VB, but TCS would not give me a break. I wanted to come to US, but with plain VB skills, it was difficult to find an employer.

SpaceAge gave me not just a break to come to US, but also the break to move my career from VB to C++, Visual C++, MFC, COM, ActiveX, OOD, UML, etc., which were the hottest technologies at that time. I was trained for one month in C++, Visual C++, MFC, COM, ActiveX, OOD, Rational Rose, RDBMS, etc. In one week of marketing I began work at client project.

While on training I worked very hard. I studied for over 12 hours daily including on week ends. I followed Captain’s guidelines. I strived to digest and memorize what ever I read. Captain gave me lot of interview rehearsals and I asked him for more and more. I did self recorded rehearsals. I benefited at lot from self recorded rehearsals and rehearsals from Captain.

When I landed in the US, Captain Malhan received me at the airport. I stayed at his residence for first one month and then relocated to company guest house. In my entire life, no one treated me better than Captain. I will always remember the good memories of the time I spent with him.

I have been in the industry now for over ten years. Technically, I don’t think I have come across anyone as brilliant as Captain. He is amazing. The lectures he conducted and the training material he provided (in year 1997) in C++, VC++, Corba, OOD, etc. were excellent.

For me and for all my colleagues, SpaceAge training has been life transforming. I cannot imagine where my career would have been without SpaceAge training. SpaceAge training has given me enormous job security. It has helped me become so much more successful and earn so much more.

My message to those on training is - “follow Captains guidelines one hundred percent.” Work hard, study long hours. You have to run fast and catch up. You have to “understand and memorize. If you don’t memorize you cannot perform well on interviews. You have to study on week ends. Trust his advise, he is the best.”

I am glad Captain and myself are friends. I left SpaceAge on good terms, I abided by my contractual terms and I continue to serve SpaceAge. I have seen the industry. As a manager here in Merrill Lynch I face lot of problems when I see consultants working for me break contracts.

If you want to have a good career, it is very important to have a Good relationship with your current employer and ex-employers.

In US, you will need referrals, experience certificates, from past employers on lot of occasions – for new employment, for green card, for mortgage, past employment verification, etc.

Till date, I don’t know of any other company, that could have done for me what SpaceAge did for me.

Experience of working and training with Captain is once in a life time experience.

I wish Captain and all SpaceAge employees good luck.

--- Sanjay Dua, Vice President, Merrill Lynch.