Life on Earth

 Let us try and make this world of ours a better place to live in. It should be the aim of each one of us to leave this planet in a better state, both materially and morally than what it was when we landed up here.

As we are born on this planet we inherit a lot, what we inherit is the result of the sweat and toil of those who lived in the past and those alive. Having inherited so much our duty is - First: To preserve it. Second: To add to it whatever little we can. And third: To pass it on to the coming generations.

When the time to depart comes, let us ask this question: “What is my contribution to society, to mankind, to life on planet Earth?” If the answer is ‘none! then, what use having lived on this planet.?


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Selected writings from “Life on Earth”
Capt. Alexander Malhan.
( Surender Malhan )