Life on Earth

We are a Software Services Firm. We are in the business of providing Software Development Services to our clients. But we are not "Business Beings", we are Human Beings and our responsibilities do not end with Software Develoment. I started SpaceAge when I was 35. I joined NDA the West Point of Asia, when I was 17 and since then I have been devoting almost all my leisure time to social work. In business we combine business with social work.

Education is the solution to all human problems.

 You are entering a region of the web site which is devoted to topics related to the following:

- Developing Human Pottential.

- Self Development.

- Degradation of the Human Mind. 

- Degradation of the Environment.

The content is based on my work spanning over twenty five years - which I began when I was just about Seventeen years old.

Education is the solution to all problems we on Earth are faced with.

Education is successful i.e. education achieves its goal, when at the right time, in the right manner.



Selected writings from “Life on Earth”
Capt. Alexander Malhan.
( Surender Malhan )