We have been in business since May 1996 and we know how much, how many people, have gained or lost by joining or not joining our train-to-hire program, and by choosing to continue to work with SpaceAge or moving on after completion of agreement term. Very few have wisdom, judgement and vision. Thirteen years after leaving SpaceAge, laid off, looking for work, Bhanu visited SpaceAge; we talked, compared notes, did some math – had he continued to work with SpaceAge, (a) he would have been a SVP. (b) he would have earned at least $300,000.00 more. (c) he would be lot more competent, capable and up-to-date with technology.

What They Have To Say ...

"The truest test of civilization, culture and dignity is character, not clothing." - Mahatma Gandhi.

Some who visit our website comment: "how can they claim to be the best when the website is so simple". Sir Winston Churchill was a great man, a very intelligent man. But about Mahatma Gandhi he commented - "...that naked fakir". Sometimes, we are incorrect about our judgement. Website design and Java-J2EE Application development are not the same fields. At SpaceAge we dont focus on web site design. We specialize in Java-J2EE "Server Side" Technologies. Since May 1996, hundreds of programmers have been trained by SpaceAge and till date they all assert - "no other company could have done it better, no other company could have matched the sum total value of the services we provide."

SpaceAge website is developed and maintained by me. All content is written and published by me. I work over 60 hours a week. My first priority is serving our clients and employees.  -- Capt. Alexander Malhan.


What I like best about a career in Software Development (Programming)?

One of the most important thing that we all must do is - build our brain, build our logical thinking faculty, analytical ability, reasoning ability, etc. Few other professions do more to challenge, exercise and develop our brain. Take for example the following source code. What is the output of the following java code. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most difficult, this code would be just about 0.5 (zero point five) or may be 0.1. Designing and analyzing multithreaded java programs, parallel processing programs - I think would rate at about 8 or 9/10. You should be able to analyze the source code below, run it on your brain's cpu and come up with the right answer. Many programmers with over ten years experience are unable to answer this simple question, or understand the concepts which this source code is based on. There are hundreds of important java-j2ee concepts that we learn in our training program, which, several programmers with over ten years experience do not understand, because they did not go through a formal training program. 

public class A

     public static void main(String [] args) 
          A a1 = new A(); 

How we can begin a career in programming or software engineering at SpaceAge?

One of the best way to begin a career in computer programming or software engineering at SpaceAge is through our Train-to-Hire Program, i.e. if you don't have the required skills or the required level of experience, you can apply for our Train-to-Hire Program.

Computer Science Professors from leading universities, individuals with a Ph.D., in Computer Science, an individual with a Ph.D. from Harvard and a Post Doctoral from Harvard, individuals with over fifteen years industry experience, individuals with MS, BS, etc., have gone through our Train-to-Hire Program.

Often we hire programmers, who have spend thousands of dollars, purchasing training services from various companies, and yet not benefited fully. In March 2006 we hired an individual (train-to-hire program) with over Eighteen years software industry experience. For one full year, from April 2000 to April 2001, he purchased training in various technologies such as Java, J2EE, Oracle, Solaris, MS SQL Server, etc., from various companies such as Sun Microsystems, Learning Tree International, Allaire Education Center, DevelopMentor, New Horizons and BEA. In year 2002 for three months he purchased training in .NET technologies from SetFocus. For the three month training at SetFocus he paid $ 10,000.00. He paid several thousands of dollars for training. But, what exactly was the total price he paid? The total price he paid is the total cost of training (training fees) plus "loss of salary" -  well over $ 140,000.00. Despite all the training and project experience, he was laid off in August 2005 and finally he joined our train to hire program in March 2006. What if he had joined our training program ten years back? Over the past ten years, he would have earned at least $300,000.00 more and he may have had zero down time.

Our clients say - "we are the best."

Everyone  who has gone through our training program say: "we are the best."

We are a team of top notch software professionals. We provide software development services to fortune 500 clients such as JPM Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Prudential, Lucent, AT&T, Verizon, etc. The projects are long term. Many of us have been working on the same client project for over five years.

For our clients we undertake application development, application integration, technology maintenance, training, etc.

Our clients outsource complete or part of their Information Technology requirements to us. Some clients outsource application development projects and we develop such projects at our site, while some clients due to security, infrastructure and business reasons require that we work on-site.

We work with state-of-the art technologies - "recession proof technologies". We may work at SpaceAge site or at various client sites.

In SpaceAge we focus on a niche, high end area of the market. For application development and application integration work that we undertake, the skill sets and the expertise level required are such that it is difficult to find a person who has it all. A person who has the minimal essential skills and the potential to be trained, can opt to join through our train-to-hire program.

Our training program adds value to the individual, to the community and to the economy.

Our training catapults your career to great heights. Over the next ten to twenty years, we help you earn $ 500K more than any other company. We provide unmatched job security. We add value to your life. If selected, we will expect a commitment to grow together.

We are compassionate, we are supportive. We have seen project managers lay off employees during prolonged illness, injury, accident, pregnancy, child birth, technology change, etc. As long as you are honest, sincere and following our guidelines - we support you - in good times and in bad times.

Job security does not lie in the size of a company. It lies in our competence. Job security comes from Intellect, Integrity and Teamwork.

Please read the 'Work Ethics' page.


We are looking for Computer Programmers / Software Engineers with experience in the following technologies (must have over 8/10 expertise level):

Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, EJB, MDB, JMS, JDBC, Multithreading, XML, OOD, Rational Rose, RUP, UML, RDBMS, SQL, Oracle, Sybase, JavaScript, HTML, AJAX, Websphere, Weblogic, SOA, WebServices, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, MQ Series, C++, ANT, Log4J, CVS, Unix Shell Scripts.

Majority of our clients are in NYC/NJ area. Some can be outside of Tri State area.  

A degree in Computer Science is highly desired.

Every software project requires some new technologies and lot of learning. Ability to learn new technologies quickly, efficiently is mandatory for success.

Intellect, Integrity and Team work are mandatory, must have personality traits.


There are two channels.


(a) You must have strong hands-on experience in at least 80% of the skills listed above.

(b) In a technical test you must score at least 8/10 in 80% of the skills listed above.

(c) If the above preconditions are met then we can try to assign you to a project at SpaceAge site or client site.

(d) Employment with SpaceAge begins the day you begin work on a software project.


(a) You must have strong hands-on experience in at least 25% of the skills listed above.

(b) In a technical test you must score at least 5/10 in 25% or more of the skills listed above.

(c) If the above preconditions are met, you can join our life transforming Train-to-Hire Program. Under this program you will receive pre-employment training - guided training for one to five months and later you will be assigned to work on a software project. Training for one to three months is given free of cost in return for a commitment to work with SpaceAge for a period of three years, else you will be required to pay the cost of training.

(d) Employment with SpaceAge begins the day you begin work on a software project.

We strive to hire those who have Intellect and Integrity, and want to have a career with SpaceAge. In Human relations, people who succeed are those who understand that there are challenges in every human relationship. Some walk away, while some choose to stay and make it work. Wise, responsible people are committed to make it work.

Behind every Olympic gold medallist stands a highly competent Olympian Coach. If Joe Bloom is looking for a project, Joe will need a competent coach who can assess his current skills, design a custom training program, guide and manage his training, assess the market and do what ever it takes to assign him to work on a project. You need a competent team managing your training, career, marketing, interviews, etc. If you understand this (like all Olympians do), then you have the right frame of mind to apply for the train-to-hire program. We will still have to assess your aptitude and attitude.

If a person is not able to land a project– there are several reasons and the most significant reason is - ‘there is a Gap’. There is a Gap in skill set and in depth of experience, between what you have and what the market needs.

Please Email Resume to  -   

PLEASE EMAIL RESUME, Please do not call. We are sorry, we cannot handle large volume of telephone calls. If your background meets our requirement, we will get in touch with you.

Please specify in Email Subject : <SAWS>

Our Jersey City office address is - 10 Huron Avenue, Suite 1-N, Jersey City, New Jersey -07306. It is behind St. Johns Church on JFK Boulevard. St. Johns Church is on the opposite side of the road from 3025 JFK Boulevard.

Journal Square Path (train) Station is four blocks away (six minutes walk). We have Path trains coming in from Newark, Hoboken and New York City (33rd Street and WTC).

Train-to-Hire Program  

What is Train-to-Hire Program?

SpaceAge sells training services. It is our humble assessment, currently, the life transforming training services we provide, no college, no university and no other company can match. Our training makes a tremendous difference in a person's life. SpaceAge training program is one of the most intellectually challenging and exciting training program you can enroll in. It is a rigorous test of both - your intellectual faculties and approach to life. SpaceAge training program is based on research in developing human potential (since 1977 when I was 17 years old) and technology (since 1981).

Individuals can choose to purchase training services under training-only-program at a rate ranging from $1500 to $2500 per week of training and after completion of training choose to join SpaceAge or join any other company.

Or, an individual can choose to receive training under train-to-hire program, virtually free of cost i.e. pay nothing, if after completion of training, he/she agrees to join SpaceAge and work for SpaceAge for an agreed upon duration. Only in the situation that the individual does not join SpaceAge or does not work for SpaceAge for the agreed on duration, he/she is required to pay for the training.

At least four out of every ten individuals who join training, do not complete training since they do not have what it takes to complete training or lack finances or lack support of loved ones. 

While on training under train-to-hire program, an individual is not an employee. Employment is not guaranteed. Whether training succeeds or fails depends on the individual himself. "I know who I am, I don't know who you are, I cannot speak for you, I dont know what intellect and attitude you have." You have to do some self analysis, and accurately assess how much intellect and ability you have, how much will power and determination you have, what level of support you have from your support group, do you need someone to hold your hand in order to teach you how to walk, do you need lectures all day long, do you need spoon feeding, can you focus, concentrate for over 50 hours per week, can you understand what you read, can you understand and follow all training policies, etc.

What is the purpose of Train-to-Hire Program?

The goal of Train-to-Hire Program is give individuals a rare opportunity to train in recession proof technologies and become eligible for high paying Java-J2EE Programming Jobs at SpaceAge.

Think of SpaceAge Train-to-Hire Program at SpaceAge Training Division as part business and part community welfare work - helping individuals gain employment with SpaceAge Software Services Division.

While on training, an individual is "not an employee of SpaceAge". Employment commences after completion of training.

This is a guided training program, just like when you do a Ph.D., at MIT or IIT. Compared to college programs, the intellectual level of our training program is much higher than MS and much more challenging than a Ph.D. It has a very sharp focus on what the industry needs and what it takes to design, engineer and write good programs - large, mission critical programs for fortune 100 companies. If during MS you have studied Core Java, on our scale you would most likely rate 2/10. Our training program will help you rise from 2/10 to 9/10.

What is the duration of training? Duration of training and content of the program depends on skill set gap and expertise level gap. To give an analogy, imagine, the goal of training is to help you lift 100 pounds of weight in three months time. If ten individuals join this training program, not every one will reach the finish line at the same time, since when the training began, not every one was standing at the same point at the start line. When we begin the race, one individual may already be lifting 80 pounds and another just 10 pounds. You can try out the train-to-hire program free for five days during which time we will assess how much time you will take to complete training after which you can decide if this is something you are interested in.

Duration of training depends on intellect, ability, will power, determination, interest, enthusiasm, support from your loved ones, ability to study for over 50 hours a week and most important - following all training guidelines.

This invaluable training will make the difference between those who have a job and those without. 

While on training you have to have the ability to study over 50 hours a week.

You will be assigned to work on a client project at SpaceAge site or at client site. In either case the procedure for assignment to the project is the same i.e. the project manager and the team members will interview you and allow you to get on the team only if they find you suitable. Employment commences after you begin work on client project. After begining work on client project you will continue to receive on-the-job training / mentoring for two to six months.

We are stable. We do not lay off honest, hardworking, competent employees. 

If technologies change, we re-train. With us, your future is absolutely secure.

We provide paid vacation, health insurance, the best career advancement training and unmatched Job Security - with us your career is recession proof.

Our Employees and our Clients acknowledge "we are the best".

Come join us and be part of our family. Come and Grow with us.

If we work as a team, if you follow our guidance, we can help you realize your dreams - we will help you accomplish much more than any other company.

There is enormous power and potential for growth when we work as a team.

Please read the Work Ethics page !


We do not hire candidates from Abroad. Please apply ONLY IF you are in the U.S . We do not hire H1-B workers.


It has been our experience that even those with ten years experience require over two months training. Starting salary and salary raise is based on intellect and ability.

Salary depends on several factors, most important being - depth of knowledge, skill sets, company profile - projects you worked on, business domain knowledge, personality factors, communication skills, education, experience, etc.


The two most important causes of challenges in human relationships at work or at home are:-

(a) Communication gaps.

(b) Expectations do not match reality.

Some important areas where expectations do not match reality are:

(a)  Salary expectations. "I see so many jobs posted out there willing to pay $100K, hence pay me $100K." 

(b)  Experience Level and Skill Sets. "I don't need any training." Or, "I need just one month of training." Or "I can do it on my own."

Over 95% of those who say "I don't need any training" - do need at least, two or more months of training. 

(c)  Communication Skills: Communication skills is not just grammar. How many people can communicate well in their mother tongue?  English is my mother tongue hence I have great communication skills - Not Necessarily True !!  

Communication skills is a combination of several factors such as - Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, ability to collect your thoughts and put them across in a correct logical order, with correct content, appropriate voice volume, tone and body language.


Before joining SpaceAge or while on training you may have to do any two of the following certifications:

(a) Java Programmer Certification from Sun Microsystems.

(b) Web Component Developer for J2EE Platform Certification from Sun Microsystems.

(c) BEA Weblogic Developer Certification - BEA 8.1 Certified Developer: Build Solutions.

(d) Enterprise Application Development with IBM WebSphere Studio (Test 287)  - Certification from IBM.

You must score over 90% in each certification.  PLEASE BEGIN YOUR PREPARATION RIGHT NOW.

Please visit page - Certification and Training 


The Recruitment Process will comprise of:-

(a) Preliminary Screening - through emails and phone. Couple of emails will go back and forth to check background, seek clarifications, understand and agree on important policies.

We evaluate email correspondence for completeness, professionalism, courtesies and etiquette’s.

Please note, we are unable to take time out to reply a question if the answer is (here) on our website.

(b) Technical Interview - through phone or in-person. One or more rounds of technical interview - written and oral, by one or more persons.

(c) Personality Assessment Tests - through emails, phone and in-person. One or more rounds of interview - written and/or oral, by one or more persons.

(d) Technical Training Aptitude Test - through emails, phone and in-person. One or more rounds of interview - written and/or oral, by one or more persons.

(e) Review by Recruitment Board: A board of at least four people headed by the CEO will review the interview results. The CEO may also interview.

What we will test for? We test for - intellect, integrity, commitment to grow with us, technical skills, aptitude to train, ability to work hard and train for long hours, ability to raise the bar and reach out to higher levels of excellence.

In SpaceAge we do not say "I tried my best". We try our best as per SpaceAge standards.


If are interested in exploring further, please email.

We provide software development services to fortune 100 clients. We need people who have both Intellect and Integrity.

Our standards are high. Through our training, we raise and achieve our standards.

Please visit the link "Life on Earth".

Many Ask Us:

"I have just finished my Bachelors / Masters. I dont know if I will like to spend another four months on training. I will prefer to look for a job that begins paying me right away. Please let me know what do you think?"

We Say :

What we can do for you is - (a) Catapult your career to great heights. (b) Give you unparalleled job security. (c) Help you earn $100K to $250K more over the next five to ten years.

Some people begin working after bachelors, some prefer to go for masters and some after that prefer to do their Ph.D. Often people who begin working after bachelors end up being more successful and earning more than those who do masters or Ph.D.

Our training program is like an intense training program after masters and because it has a sharp industry focus - it helps you become much more successful than any of your friends from college who go on to do Masters or PhD. It catapults your career to much greater height, you overtake those who have spent five or ten years in the industry. The choice is - do you want to join a job right away and have a rough, risky, bumpy ride, being insecure and worrying about layoffs, or, do you want a secure, stable and more successful future. Some times you need to step back so as to be able to jump higher or jump farther.

Every wise person who joins our train-to-hire program, feels that he (she) took the right decision.

What They Have To Say ... 

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