What They have to Say ...

"If a way does not exist, we will make one."  -- Hannibal.

We have been in business since May 1996. We are stable, financially sound and technically – “the best”.  The main reason we have been stable and continue to grow is - we excel in developing human potential, we train our employees, we add value.

Come and join our life transforming, train-to-hire program!

Dare to Live your Dream!

Wake up every morning and feel excited about going to work on a hot project at JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, BMW, Verizon, etc.

It is a special feeling, working in the hottest technologies, having unparalleled job security and career growth.

“When my BS in Computer Science was coming to a close, my biggest concern was to work in such technologies that will give me the best career growth and the best job security. I had a couple of confirmed job offers but I chose to join SpaceAge’s Train-to-Hire Program. I was trained for three months. I now work at BMW. I am very happy that I joined SpaceAge. SpaceAge delivered on all its promises and my dream of working in the hottest technologies has come true.” --- Jun.


 The Recruitment Process will comprise of:-

(a) Preliminary Screening - through emails and phone. Couple of emails will go back and forth to check background, seek clarifications, understand and agree on important policies, etc.

(b) Technical Interview - through phone or in-person. One or more rounds of technical interview.

(c) Personality Assessment Tests - through emails, phone and in-person. One or more rounds of interview.

(d) Technical Training Aptitude Test - through emails, phone and in-person. One or more rounds of interview..

(e) Review by Recruitment Board: A board of at least four people headed by the CTO will review the interview results. The CTO may also interview.

What we will test for? We will be testing you for - Intellect, Integrity, Commitment to grow with us, Technical skills, Aptitude to Train, Ability to work hard and train for long hours, ability to raise the bar and reach out to higher levels of excellence. In SpaceAge an employee does not say "I tried my best". We try our best as per SpaceAge standards.

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What They Have to Say ...

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