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"Instead of complaining about darkness, light a candle."  -- M.K.Gandhi.

We have been in business since May 1996. In year 2001 and again in year 2008 when the U.S., economy slowed down, thousands of companies closed down and thousands of employees were laid off.  We remained stable. We did not lay off a single employee. The main reason we have been stable and have continued to grow is - we excel in developing human potential, we train our employees, we add tremendous value and most important - we focus on a niche area of software services industry where there is always more demand than supply; and through our training we are able to get over our competition. The industry moves in cycles - up and down. We are excited about the challenges ahead. We are optimistic, we are confident. Based on our past record we can say - "if a way does not exist, we will make one."

In areas of Business Process Modeling, Business Process Reengineering, Software Reengineering, Application Design, Methodology, Application Development, Project Management, using technology to solve business needs, using Java-J2EE technologies, etc. - "WE ARE AMONG THE BEST IN THE WORLD."

About SpaceAge

SpaceAge has been in business since May 1996. We are based in New Jersey. We do business with clients all over U.S.

At SpaceAge we are a team of Software Engineers, Programmers, Architects. We provide Software Development Services to our clients.

SpaceAge is in the business of building and maintaining Technology Solutions, in using technology to solve day to day business problems, using technology for day to day business operations.

We are a Software Services Company, we are an IT Solutions Company. We provide complete end to end Information Technology Solutions.

We provide One-Stop Solution - Hardware, Software, Networking, Custom Software Development, Application Integration, Training, etc.

General Motor does not manufacture tyres, it outsources that to other companies and it itself focuses on what it can do best. This helps GM cut costs and stay competitive in the market place. 

We outsource our payroll processing to companies such as ADP or Paychex. This helps us cut costs and helps us focus on what we do best - building technology solutions.

Our clients outsource complete or part of their Information Technology requirements.

For our clients we undertake application development, application integration, technology maintenance, training, trouble shooting, etc.

We excel in finding, recruiting, training, employing and retaining a pool of highly qualified, highly skilled, highly trained Software Professionals. We invest incredibly in training our employees. This helps us build superior, high quality, cost effective Technology Solutions for our clients.

Some clients outsource their complete IT department, some outsource part of it. Some clients outsource application development projects and we develop such projects at our site, while some clients due to security and business reasons require that our employees work on their site.

Our employees ( software professionals ) receive training in and work on state-of-the-art technologies. Our employees can work at SpaceAge site, or for certain duration work at various client sites.

We help our clients grow, reduce operational costs and increase operational efficiencies.

The business model in SpaceAge is an extension of what I did for eleven years in the Army. As an Officer in the Corps of Signals for eleven years I took care of the information technology needs of my clients - various infantry battalions, army units, etc. My clients outsourced their technology needs.

What is different about me has been passed on to every employee of SpaceAge - "A passion for excellence."

Great things come to life when we leverage the power of intellect, integrity, team work and technology.

At SpaceAge we try to leverage the power of intellect, integrity, team work and technology, to help make a difference in the lives of those whose life we touch.

To succeed, we need Intellect, Integrity and Team work.

Our clients and employees feel happy to say that - "SpaceAge has provided exceptional service."

We are the best hands! Try us out!

There can be no lasting progress, there can be no stable social order unless we have a strong moral foundation.

At SpaceAge we dare to carry our conscience to work and in everything that we do we strive to uphold Honor, Justice and Morality.

I have a spotless, clean uniform all my life. It is my passion and my dream that so be it with SpaceAge.

Capt. Alexander Malhan.
(Capt. Surender Malhan)
President and CTO.

What They have to Say ...



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