1.  Application Integration, Application Development, Software Development, Solution Development. Front office, Back office, Middleware.

2.  Business Process Modeling, Business Process Reengineering.

3.  Software Reengineering. Reengineering legacy applications.

4.  Project Management. Managing teams, tasks, time, cost, quality, etc.

5.  Methodology. Customizing, fine tuning a methodology to your needs. (mandatory for all projects)

6.  Application Architecture, Software Design.

7.  Resolving issues related to Architecture, Design, Security, Performance, Scalability, Data Structures, Algorithms, etc.

8.  Developing innovative technology solutions for business needs.

9.  Software Maintenance, Production Support, On-going enhancements.

10. Technology Training.

     1996 - Chase Manhattan Bank - CLR Project:

A team of over 15 top notch Methodologists from Andersen Consulting were let go. They were unable to proceed beyond the business model. They could not move from the business model to the component model or implementation model. There was not a single book in the market which said anything about how to do Component Based Analysis and Design.

We helped set the standards for Component Based Analysis and Design.

     1999 - Merrill Lynch - PCR Project:

PCR - Private Client ReInvent Project was one of the largest and most challenging project ever undertaken by Merrill Lynch to Reengineer its entire Private Client Business.

Merrill Lynch hired a team of over 30 Methodologists from Andersen Consulting - some of the finest brains in IT Industry, and also, a team of ten independent methodologists.

In less than two weeks, we developed and proposed MEGA methodology. The team of ten independent methodologists voted in favor of MEGA and against Andersen Methodology.  Methodologists from Andersen showed keen interest in MEGA.

Two months later, the Andersen team was let go.

SpaceAge is in the business of building and maintaining Technology Solutions, in using technology to solve day to day business problems, using technology to help our clients conduct their day to day business operations.

We are an IT Solutions Company. We provide complete end to end Information Technology Solutions.

We provide One-Stop Solution - Hardware, Software, Networking, Custom Software Development, Application Integration, Training, etc.

General Motor does not manufacture tyre's, it outsources that to other companies and it itself focuses on what it can do best. This helps GM cut costs and stay competitive in the market place. 

We outsource our payroll processing to companies such as ADP. This helps us cut costs and helps us focus on what we do best - building technology solutions.

Our clients outsource complete or part of their Information Technology requirements to us.

For our clients we undertake application development, application integration, technology maintenance, training, trouble shooting, etc.

We excel in finding, recruiting, training and retaining a pool of highly qualified, highly skilled, highly trained Software Professionals. This helps us build superior, high quality, cost effective Technology Solutions for our clients.

Some of our clients outsource their complete IT department, some outsource part of it. Some clients outsource application development projects and we develop such projects at our site, while some clients due to security and business reasons require that our employees work on their site. Some application integration projects just cannot be outsourced.



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