We provide the following certifications:

1.  Core Java Programmer.

2.  Java Swing.

3.  Java Web (five part test) JSP, Servlets, Struts, HTML, JavaScript.

4.  Java J2EE (four part test) EJB, JMS, WebServices, SOA.

5.  Java JDBC.

6.  Design Patterns.

7.  Architect, Methodology.

8.  Hibernate.

9.  Spring IoC, Spring MVC, Spring JDBC, Spring Transactions, Spring AOP

10.  C++

11.  Websphere MQ (MQ Series).

12.  Websphere Application Server: Developer, Administrator.

13.  Weblogic Application Server: Developer, Administrator.


To help you hire the right candidates, we can help in testing candidates for the required skills and depth of knowledge. We test knowledge, understanding of the how and why of technology and problem solving skills.

What is different about our certification and testing procedures:

Certifications from Sun, IBM, BEA or Brainbench. These are all automated, objective testing systems. It is easy to pass. The procedures and test questions have some inherrent flaws. 

We come across lot of Sun Certified, IBM Certified, BEA Certified or Brainbench Certified Programmers who just dont deliver the expected results.

Our procedures are a combination of written tests, oral exam and prototype development.

We test candidates for the skills that are actually used in day to day programming tasks - for example, understanding of inheritance, polymorphism, data types, parameter passing modes; scope, visibility and life time of variables, etc.

Our testing procedures are tailored to your needs - kepping in mind what skills and level of experience are you looking for; what role, responsibility you will assign to the individual, etc.

We all want to hire the right person for the job, we all want to hire strong programmers. We cannot afford to make mistakes.

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