Over the years at SpaceAge we have developed the following Technology Products:-

1. Grid Server: A Parallel Processing Server which allows processing tobe distributed across several machines i.e. Nodes in the Grid. 

2. Parallel Processing MultiThreaded Engine (Framework) using features of Java 5 such as Executor, Executors, Future, FutureTask, ExecutorService, Thread-safe Collections, etc. Instead of using the Executor implementation classes that come with JDK we implemented our classes extending and implementing ExecutorService.

3. Cache Management System (Framework). A Cache Management Module which can be used in any Core Java Application as well as on the Web Tier and EJB Tier in a J2EE Application.

4. Document Management System (Framework). To manage documents, files, document templates, etc, with standard CRUD functionality.

5. SXML - Simplified XML, PML- Persistence Markup Language and FRML - File Replication Markup Language: All extensions to XML with custom Parsers - high performance and low memory foot print.

6. Distributed Databases and File Synchronization using SXML, PML and FRML

7. Distributed Office Application Integration. Replicate and integrate data, files and applications across distributed office locations.

8. Dronacharya - A State-of-the-Art Technology Testing and Training Management System, perhaps the only one of its kind. Several Professors and Ph.D's in Computer Science have trained with Dronacharya.

9. Integrated Email Management for the Entire Business- manage thousands of emails sent and received. Manage emails based on person type. date, sender, emailid, etc.

10. Mass Mailing System - to send Emails.

11. Application Monitor, Application Recovery, Hot Stand By, Fail Over, Load Balancing.

12. BackUp Management Application - Back up Files, Databases, etc.

13. SpaceAge MVC: An Implementation of MVC Design Pattern for Web Applications. Similar to Spring MVC and Struts. SpaceAge MVC has high performance and low memory foot print.

14. SpaceAge ORM: An Object-Relational Mapping Tool, API and Implementation. Similar to Hibernate or Toplink. Uses SXML, Reflection and an XML Based O-R Mapping File. Developers can use a GUI tool to declaratively specify Java Objects (Value Objects) and Database Table or specify Database Tables and Java Value Objects and the O-R Mapping file can be generated by the tool. SpaceAge ORM has high performance and low memory foot print.

15. SpaceAge IoC/DI (Framework): An Implementation of Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection. Similar to Spring IoC/DI. SpaceAge IoC/DI has high performance and low memory foot print.

We excel in ...

(a) Business Process Reengineering, Business Process Modeling and in Reengineering Legacy Applications. .

(b) Using technology to serve business needs. Using Technology to solve day to day business problems.

(c) Using Technology to raise productivity, improve efficiencies and reduce business operating costs.

(d) Software Reengineering, Application Design, Methodology, Application Development, Project Management, etc.