Mission Possible

Let us try and make this world of ours a better place to live in. It should be the aim of each one of us to leave this planet in a better state, both materially and morally than what it was when we arrived here.

As we are born on this planet we inherit a lot, what we inherit is the result of the sweat and toil of those who lived in the past and those alive today. Having inherited so much our duty is - First: To preserve it. Second: To add to it whatever little we can. And third: To pass it on to coming generations.

When the time to depart comes, let us ask ourselves this question: “What is my contribution to society, to mankind, to life on planet Earth?”  If the answer is ‘none ! then, pray ! what use having lived on this planet.?

From among the masses shall rise a few, who shall take it upon themselves, the responsibility of carrying the burden of mankind.

Civilization, has always been created and maintained by the competent few.

Great men are meteors, designed to burn, so that Earth may be illuminated.  

Let us dare to understand "LIFE". Let us dare to align our business goals with the laws of the Universe, with fundamental truths.

Out from the Soil sprung we and into it we shall return.

The atoms that are part of my body, were once part of another living beings body, part of a star, part of interstellar dust.

We are all travelers in Space and Time. The Earth is revolving on its axis, the Moon orbiting around the Earth, and together the Moon and Earth orbit around the Sun. Our Solar System moves around the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. And our Galaxy is moving through Space. 4.5 billion years ago our solar system did not exist.

We are all immigrants to Planet Earth. Some day our visa will expire and we will depart.

Some day our Sun, our Solar system will die. Less than Four billion years from now, Sun will run out of hydrogen fuel and expand into a Red Giant - engulfing Earth. Even before that less then one or two billion years from now, energy output from Sun will increase, Earth will probably become too hot to sustain life.

Our Galaxy, all other Galaxies in Space are travelling at a speed of 300 km per second. Recent observations have shown that our Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy are on a collision course. Milky Way galaxy may collide with the slightly larger Andromeda Galaxy in a mere 3 billion years. The results will be catastrophic--the two galaxies eventually will merge, but spray billions of stars into the lonely depths of intergalactic space in the process.

Our Moon is moving farther away from Earth at the rate of about 4 cms every year. This is slowing down Earth's rotation. One billion year ago, the Moon was a lot closer and the Earth rotated a lot more faster comnpleting one rotation in about 6 hours. One billion years from now, a day on Earth would last for 48 hours or more. Its impact on life and geography of Earth - on our oceans and land mass would be devastating.

Knowing about Space and Time, is a humbling experience.

How can we form a morality or mission or vision without taking into account the immense reality of Space and Time that surrounds us.

Mission Possible:

One Life ! One Earth ! Tomorrow we may not be here, lets do all we can.  We may not be Einstein, Edison or Newton, but in our own way we can add value.

The business of all businesses is to serve mankind, to help improve the quality of life, else the business ought to be out of business.

Every business should do what is ethical, moral just and fair. Every business should do what brings the greatest amount of happiness to the greatest number of people, that can last the greatest length of time.

At SpaceAge we leverage the power of intellect, integrity, team work and technology, to help make a difference in the lives of those whose life we touch.

Great things come to life when we leverage the power of intellect, integrity, team work and technology .

There can be no lasting progress, there can be no stable social order unless we have a strong moral foundation. 

In everything that we do we strive to uphold Honor, Justice and Morality.

We dont compromise on Integrity. We dont compromise on Human Values.

If we truly comprehend the immense reality of Space and Time, then the most important realization that sinks in our mind is "nothing else matters as much as - being nice, doing good to all human beings." We have few years on Earth and we should strive to be nice, we should strive to do good to all human beings.

Capt. Alexander Malhan.
(Capt. Surender Malhan)
President, CEO and Chief Technology Officer.


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