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We must strive to provide quality service to our clients, we must strive to build quality products,  we must strive to reduce application development costs.

Over the years we have gained incredible amount of experience solving various technical problems faced by our employees at various software development / application integration / maintenance projects - at SpaceAge and at client site.

If you are faced with a technical problem please do not hesitate to ask for help. It saves time, it helps reduce project cost, it helps us use proven solutions. As a rule of thumb we suggest that, if you are unable to get anywhere after an hour or so, ask for help. 

If you are faced with any kind of technology related situation as listed below, please send us details of the situation you are faced with.

  • Any situation related to -
    • Reengineering business processes, reengineering legacy applications.
    • Choice of tools, technologies.
    • Application architecture, Design.
    • Project Management Practices / approaches to reduce cost and improve quality.
    • Performance, scalability, maintainability, etc.
    • Finding an algorithm to solve a business need, technology need or programming situation.
    • Trouble installing, deploying or programming using various vendor products, tools, technologies such as WebServices, .NET, WebSphere, WebLogic, ( Corba ) Orbix, Visibroker, etc.
    • Reusing the functionality in legacy applications, legacy code.
    • Reengineering existing applications, reengineering legacy applications.
    • Getting programmers upto speed in using new tools, technologies.
  • Any other technology related issue not covered above.




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